Join the Craft Beverage Education Association for a regional one-day entrepreneur’s workshop geared toward helping new craft beverage businesses navigate the complexities of startup. The next workshop is slated for Portland, Oregon in the Fall of 2016. Sign up below to receive updates on this and other educational opportunities.


Established producers share insight into their startup process – how they took the first step, how they transitioned into this business, what they did correctly, and what they wish they did differently!



Learn from representatives of various government agencies exactly what you need to do and how to properly and most efficiently get your craft beverage business up and running.


Experts in distribution, branding, and marketing will be on hand to share tips, tools, and strategies of how best to get your products to market, and how to turn your passion into a business.

I consult with a lot of beverage startups and the Workshop is the best use of time and money for anyone considering launching a craft beverage business.

The Workshop really covered everything and I even learned some things that I didn’t already know after my many years in the industry! I will make it a “must attend” for any of my new clients.


HRF Planning Services

(The Workshop presented a) wealth of information, with tons of lot of like-minded folks! I loved the breakout sessions.

Joe B.

Brewery Start-up Enthusiast


This educational workshop is a must-attend for anyone considering – or in the early stages of establishing – their own craft beverage business.

The full-day, hands-on discussions focus on beer, wine, spirits, cider, and mead producers. We will walk you through how to make the “big decision” to move forward with your plans, the legal considerations, marketing and distribution issues, and preparation for future growth.

Participants will be given the opportunity to interact with the speakers in roundtable discussions addressing the issues presented in the sessions.

Discover the key components of starting and launching a craft beverage business.

Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in consulting fees and lessons learned.

Get answers to all of your questions –  in one room, in one day!

Network with industry professionals.

Leave with a blueprint for launching your new craft beverage business.

Use the new strategies and connections to take your burgeoning craft beverage business to the next level.



The Workshop runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Times and sessions subject to change.

The Big Decision

Is launching a craft beverage business right for you? Hear from the experts about their start-up jitters and successes. Join this moderator-led discussion with established craft beverage business owners as they focus on start-up timing, costs, and things they wish they knew before starting their businesses.



Logistics of Starting Your Craft Beverage Business

Now that you’re sure you’re in the right game, listen to these expert panelists discuss the legal, insurance, financial, and administrative considerations you’ll need to know when starting your business.


Working With Government Agencies

Learning to navigate the complex world of regulations in craft beverage can be daunting, and you won’t want to do it alone. Don’t miss presentations from various government agency representatives, which will shed light on topics such as licensing and permitting, label approval, marketing and advertising (including social media), sampling and tastings, direct-to-consumer sales, and much more!



Branding & Marketing

Now that you’ve got your business up and running, how do you sell your product and create a viable brand? Experts will discuss branding and marketing specific to a craft beverage business.


Getting Your Products to Market

This panel discussion will focus on packaging considerations, self-distribution, working with distributors, getting your first sale and more.


Preparing For Growth

You might think this part of the business plan is a long way off, but the key is in the planning! It’s never too early to develop vendor relationships or plan for financing future growth. In addition to those topics, panelists will also discuss the basics of hiring employees and how to go about expanding your distribution and facilities.


Break Out Sessions

Two break out sessions will take place – one at the conclusion of the AM session and one at the conclusion of the PM session.

Speakers and panelists from the earlier sessions will “break out” and be available to answer more specific questions and share additional insights.


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This workshop wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the support and initiative of Craig Rashkis. Craig is an attorney and partner at Farwell Rashkis, LLP in Los Gatos, CA.

Craig has been practicing law since 2002 representing clients in both litigation and transactional matters. His practice involves the representation of wineries, breweries and distilleries in general business and alcohol beverage law matters

Prior to practicing law, Rashkis was an accomplished brewer, winning a gold and silver medal in the 1994 Great American Beer Festival while with Boston Beer Works/Slesar Bros. Brewing Company. He was also an apprentice coffee roaster and tea blender with Freed, Teller & Freed, a San Francisco-based coffee and tea company.

Craig will be serving as moderator of the Grand Rapids and Oakland workshops.



The Craft Beverage Education Association is supported by Craft Beverage Expo. The Craft Beverage Expo is an educational conference and expo dedicated to the business side of Craft Beverage.

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